Avantgarde Promotion

Twitter Blast $10

We will tweet your message 10 times through our Twitter network and reach an audience of 500,000 followers in total. 


Email Blast $25

We can send your message to an audience of 20,000 music interested buyers.


Artist Spotlight Website $50

Place a banner for 4 weeks on website on the music page.


Artist Spotlight YouTube $50

Place a video for 4 weeks on our YouTube channel.


Advertisment In Video $50

You can place your banner in our next YouTube video and it will stay as long as the video is online.


Advertisement In Video $10

In one of our videos we can link to your video for a limited time.


Promotional Video $10

We create a still image video made of song made with purchased beat. 


Promotional Video $25

We create a still image video made of any song. 


Advertisement Network Traffic $500

Buy traffic within our advertisement network.


Mixtape Hosting $25, $50 or $100

Regularly we host mixtapes and give artists the opportunity to stand out worldwide. We make sure that each artist's music is heard individually and on the mixtape. We push your song in more directions than most DJ's and promo companies. Once you buy a slot, your song will be featured on one of our upcoming mixtapes which will be posted to sites. In order to promote we use all our online platforms and work with partners. Having your song on a DLS Beats mixtape allows people outside of your regular music market to get to know you as an artist and showing consistency on mixtape is a good way of creating buzz. If you have any questions, contact us at our email address. Send your payment through PayPal and other documents (Music, Pics, Logo, Banner, Bio, Contact Info) to [email protected]



Product Placement $100

Contact us for more information.


Promotion Package

Choose 5 promotions and you will get a 25% discount.


How To Buy?

Simply contact us on the contact form and tell which package you are interested into and we will take care of it.