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We strive to become an internationally acknowledged leading music production company and market leader by delivering unique and inspirational products of high quality and exceptional customer service, build upon a foundation of giving artists the power to succeed and grow in the world's rapidly evolving music industry.

Company Information

DLS Beats is an internationally renowned group of companies which has been created in 2007 and with the help of innovative marketing; these businesses operate and experience ongoing growth in the music industry, in particular in the fields of music production, music publishing, advertisement and artist development. The main clients are composed of artists, companies, brands and spaces.

The most important brand and product is the DLS Beats music production service which is going by the same name as the main company and is distributed through many diversified channels. The key musical style and sound is Hip Hop and Electronic music; an astonishing 1,000,000 song plays, 100,000 fans and thousands of music and beat downloads have been realized since the start up in 2007. A special achievement is that the music group has won 7 music competitions.

Primarily beats are licensed to create recordings for albums, mixtapes, promotional videos, film, TV, video games and ringtones through a catalogue of premade beats on the company’s website. Each of the instrumentals was composed and produced by DLS, the owner of the company. This library is containing more than 500 beats and is covering mostly of the music genres. Secondly beats are being distributed through various beat market places, whole sellers and agents and until this date an expansion of more than 25 online stores has been completed. In 2015, the enrolment of an affiliate program enabling website owners to promote the service is planned and besides these operations, the company is accepting to produce custom instrumentals and remixes.

DLS Records is an independent record label and is in charge of the marketing, releasing and publishing music of DLS and clients. A variety of remix, instrumental and song mixtapes and albums, totaling 30 have been released.The most successful release is a remix of a song by Dub Fx called Time Will Tell, with whom a mixtape was published early in 2013. With the support of the internal media team creative pictures and videos are shot to support promotion campaigns.

Enterting the music market enabled DLS Beats to make foundations in the advertisement industry by creating the DLS Promotions brand whereas Facebook, Twitter and E-mail blasts, product placements and spotlights on the corporate website are among the promotion services are being offered to independent artist increasing the chances to earn additional income by being connected to the right listeners. Along these promotional services a talent agency is at disposal and the main idea behind this project is to connect artists with opportunities to grow their music career.

Beats For Africa is a charity project created in 2012 with the aim to give artists in African countries a chance to work with radio ready instrumentals making it easier to enter the music industry.

The newest project is an advertisement network and a booking agency which is planned to be launched in 2015 and for the upcoming year many more promising projects will be launched such as studio session videos, the release of a second relaxation music episode and many more music releases.


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