About DLS

DLS is an entrepreneur and music producer who is involved internationally in the music industry and is mostly known for producing beats and remixes for singers, rappers and music groups. His instrumentals can be described as eccentric and futuristic, processed with a smooth touch of Reggae, Jazz or Funk. He is focused on producing Hip Hop music genres like Trap, Dirty South and Crunk; however his production skills are covering a large portion of the most popular music types.

DLS had an interest in the composition and creation of music at an early age. The first experiences were made using a cassette deck which received for his birthday. He recorded and created remixes and mash ups with songs from tapes and the radio. Inspired by his dad, DLS picked up the guitar and learned to play which lead to writing the first own songs; however these lyrics have not been published yet. At the age of 10 DLS was meeting up frequently with his neighbor, sharing the interest of music. He was an established DJ and taught him the skills of mixing music for an audience and in 2002, DLS was introduced to FL Studio which enabling him to compose songs easily at home. At the beginning DLS was experimenting with electronic music genres such as House, Euro Dance, Trance, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Drum & Bass and Dubstep on a step by step basis and regularly uploaded his songs on websites such as MySpace, YouTube and SoundClick to share his creations and exchange feedback with the world. Da Luxo Style was the first artist name, whereas the Luxo part of the name was supposed to represent his roots and the country of origin. Following the learning phase, he shortened his artist name from Da Luxo Style to DLS and started to focus on producing Hip Hop. Around 2007, the career became more serious when artists from different countries became interested in his music. Increasingly they asked him for beats they heard on the internet and to produce personalized songs for them, hence DLS decided to become a major music producer in the fields of Hip Hop and EDM and created a company which led to the foundation of DLS Beats.

In 2009, the Hip Hop producer moved to Brighton in the UK to expand his music business and to do studies at the University of Brighton. The artistic city in the south of the UK influenced him as the entrepreneur spirit is largely spread among citizens. He could network with fellow musicians and increase his fan base and customers. In 2012, DLS moved to Guildford to pursue a Master degree at the University of Surrey where he could specialize in marketing. In fact, the UK has had a very big impact on the career and the music production style of DLS as British music has a very distinctive sound.

Besides producing beats, the European producer’s signature sound has lead to remixing songs of independent and major artists including Snoop Dogg, Pharrel, Public Enemy, Kid Cudi, Wale, Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, Tiesto, Shakira and Jason Derulo. The most recent remixes are of songs by B.o.B, Ca$h Out, Cypress Hill, Rusko, T The Boss and Rebel. As music producers should use every opportunity due to high competition in the music industry, he has taken part in several remix contests of musicians and bands. With the support of fans and a good ear of the judges, DLS won music competitions of Dub Fx, Ciara Corr and Madelaine Bloom. Moreover, he placed 2nd in the Ca$h Out remix contest, became 3rd in the Shad & Dallas and Shakira feat. Pitbull remix competition and won a music production contest hosted by Navsta from Brighton.

In contemporary times, DLS Beats is a globally renowned and state-of-the-art music production company supplying beats from a catalogue consisting of more than 500 beats, custom beats and remixes to artists, companies, brands and spaces for licensing for albums, mixtapes, promotional and corporate videos, film, TV, jingles, ringtones, websites and more. In the following years, more and more artists wished to use beats by DLS Beats for their songs and due to this a website has been created and innovative ways were needed to promote music. An interesting fact is that musicians considered the productions of DLS for mixtapes and albums; in total his instrumentals have been used for more than 100 releases in more than 50 countries, including USA, UK, Norway, Canada and Portugal.

In order to publish his music, the DLS Records and various mixtapes with material such as instrumentals, songs or remix are being released. To the present date, a total of 30 mixtapes have been released and the most successful mixtape is The Future which he released with Dub Fx, a worldwide street performer and studio recording artist from Australia. In terms of singles, his most successful release is his remix of Time Will Tell by Dub Fx which achieved 100,000 views on YouTube. Currently working on projects with music veterans and independent musicians who are on the rise and due to the operations in the music business, DLS had the opportunity to make foundations in the advertisement industry by creating the DLS Promotions brand to offer advertisement services to independent artist by connected them to the right listeners.

DLS is active in voluntary work and is supporting artists in countries where resources such as beats and recording studies are very limited. This led to the Beats For Africa charity creation in 2012. Despite the fact that the music industry had a lot of trouble in recent years, DLS managed to run companies in a sustainable way and is set to take it to another level.