Beats FAQ

How can I download a beat?

In order to download beats you need to visit the beatshop or the promo beats page. The beats in the beatshop can only be downloaded when paying for a licence. However, the instrumentals on the promo beats page can be downloaded for free.

What can I do with a beat I downloaded for free?

Beats which have been downloaded for free from the promo beats page may only be used for non-profit and non-commercial use. Demos, free internet songs, ad-free YouTube uploads and non-paying live performances are accepted as free use. The main purpose of this initiative is to test our instrumentals. In order to start making money from your music and use beats for commercial use such as albums, mixtapes, iTunes, syncs or YouTube revenue sharing, you need to buy an appropriate licence. You may not, under any circumstances alter the beat and proper credit must always be given when using beats for free by writing in the song title or credits "Produced by DLS". If you are uploading videos to YouTube please include this information either in the video title, or in the video description. Please help support our free download initiative by providing a web link to

What if I use a free download beat to make money?

All free downloads are encrypted with tags, scanned and legally protected. If you are making money or otherwise commercially benefiting from a beat without buying a license you are incriminating yourself and making yourself liable to copyright law suits. It is highly advisable to pay the fee for a licence if you want to generate an income from your music.

What is the quality difference between a free download beat and a bought beat?

Free download beats are posted and streamed from the website in MP3 format which is a lower quality "lossy" compressed file format compared to WAV. When you buy a beat, you will be sent files in WAV format which is a high quality "unlossy" raw sound file, ideal for the best quality recordings.

Will tags be removed if I buy a beat?

Yes, you will be sent beat files with all tags, voices and watermarks removed.

How can I buy a beat?

You can buy beats from the website by clicking on the Beatshop tab on the Music Production page. On the library window, click +ADD next to the beats you wish to order and click on the licenses you would like to purchase. Click the Buy Now button at the bottom right hand side of the myFlashStore player to make payment.

How do I get my beat after buying a licence?

You will be sent a download link containing all relevant beat files along with a personalized contract to your email instantly and automatically. How to find beats? You can browse beats by bpm, name, time and genre by clicking on category in beatshop window.

What is a Lease Licence?

Lease licenses or leasing rights are non-exclusive usage rights to a beat for artists, where the ownership of the beat remains with us. You are buying the right to use the beat for profitable, commercial use on any one single format (e.g. albums, mixtapes, iTunes singles) with unlimited distribution. Furthermore, the beat may be used for radio broadcast, live shows or concerts. You may alter the beat as you see fit, but you may not under any circumstances resell the beat and note that several individuals may buy a Lease License to the same beat. A standard lease licence purchase will come with a single mixed down high-quality WAV file of the beat. You can upgrade a lease license to an exclusive licence at a later date, but only if the exclusive license to the beat has not been sold in the mean time. You can check this by seeing whether a beat is still available or marked by “Reserved” when you click visit the beatshop window.

What is an Exclusive License?

Exclusive licences are exclusive usage rights to a beat for any purpose. This includes albums, mixtapes, iTunes singles, YouTube uploads and soundtracks for movies, television, video games or websites. Full performance broadcasting and reproduction rights are included as there is no unit or sales cap and the beat can no longer be sold. You may alter the beat as you see fit, but you may not under any circumstances resell the beat. As well as a mixed down WAV file of the beat, automatically included with exclusive licences are trackouts, where you will receive a download link for all the separate instrumental track lines of the beat in highest quality WAV format, in a zip folder. This is ideal for professional studio mixing and mastering and the best sound quality broadcasts. In order to extract files from a zip folder, simply double-click on the zip folder to open it once downloaded, then drag everything inside out onto your desktop. If you can't open the file you may need to download a free version of WinZip.

After buying a licence, how long do my right to that beat last for?

These rights last indefinitely. If you have bought non exclusive or exclusive licences there is no time limit and your respective rights to the beat will remain for a life-time. If you have purchased a Lease and another customer purchases an exclusive licence to a beat, your rights will remain intact.

What happens if I buy a non exclusive beat and someone later buys an exclusive licence to the beat?

Nothing will happen and your license will still be effective.

Can I reserve a beat or place it on hold if I can't pay the full amount now?

If you are looking to buy an exclusive licene to a beat but cannot pay the full amount up-front, we will do our best to work with your budget and place beats on hold for a specified time period against a down-payment (usually at least 25%). Please note that we can only reserve beats for exclusive licence purchases, not for leasing.

Do you offer any deals or bulk purchase discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts when purchasing beats in bulk and sometimes we run discounts on the website, to check for the latest deals subscribe to our newsletter.

Can I trade or pay you in alternative means rather than buying a licence?

Unfortunately we do not accept any alternative payment methods for buying beats.

Why are some beats marked as reserved on the website?

If a beat is marked as Unavailable it either means that the Exclusive License is sold, or that we are not currently selling licenses for that beat. This could, for example, be due to someone having already made a down-payment to buy a beat. If you are not able to buy a particular beat you want, you may be interested in a custom beat.

How can I get a custom-made beat just for me?

We offer the opportunity for custom-made, exclusive beats for artists, brands or spaces and you will find more information as well as a contact form in the Custom Beats section. Pricing and turnaround times for custom beats will depend on the size and complexity of the project but we will endeavor to realize your project as fast as possible and at an affordable rate. We do require a 50% deposit to start working on custom beats, where the remainder is paid only when you are 100% satisfied with the results.